Variomag® / H + P Replacements & Parts

Variomag / H + P Replacements & Parts

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Have a Variomag or H + P product that you are looking to replace? Or need replacement power supplies or parts? Call or email us for more information.

See also our Variomag and H + P Model Conversion Chart for names and links to successor models. We are the original manufacturers of Variomag and H + P products. While we still manufacture products under our Variomag brand name, many of the prior Variomag models are now manufactured under our 2mag brand name.

However, if you don't see what you are looking for in our Variomag and H + P Model Conversion Chart or have questions, then please call (386.761.6422) or email ( us. We can often assist or have models that are not listed in the website.