BenchMate OBL Light Single Channel Pipette

BenchMate OBL Light Single Channel Pipette

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BenchMate OBL Light Single Channel Pipette sets a new standard for manual pipetting, designed around 4 critical areas: Comfort, fatigue reduction, durability, and more precise and accurate pipetting.

A true testament to great engineering, enhances scientists ability to pipette for longer periods of time while maintaining a consisting level of accuracy and precision.

  • Smooth plunger force, 70% less force required
  • Enlarged volume display for easy volume verification
  • Easy to use, single-handed operation with a locking mechanism
  • Enhanced traditional design eliminates the need to tightly grip the pipette when pipetting
  • Premium sealing ring is used to ensure accurate and precise pipetting, ring has been tested 600,000 times
  • Durable plastic provides higher tolerance to solvents
  • Leightweight, durable design
  • Fully autoclavable (121℃ for 20 minutes)
  • Ceramic plunger for greater durability for volumes ranging from 100 µl to 1,000 µl
  • Improved dispensing accuracy and precision for micro volumes between 2 µl and 10 µl with hyper blowout technology
  • Premium internal components reduce wear and tear for continuously precise and accurate results