2mag hotMIX 1 Stirrer (230 VAC)

2mag hotMIX 1 Stirrer (230 VAC)

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Direct controlled, single point stirrer; hotplate / heating stirring platform with adjustable heat setting up to 200 °C; stirring volume up to ­­2,000 milliliters; stirring speed range from 100 to 1,600 rpm; up to 10 watts of stirring power; includes power supply.


Smallest hot plate stirrer of the world.

Compact, powerful and very robust magnetic stirrer with aluminum hot plate, unbeaten space-savingand also suitable for the operation with viscous and aggressive media.

Price-optimized magnetic stirrer, 100% maintenance-free and wear-free inductive 2mag=Magnetic-drive concept for mixing of solutions, speed range from 100 up to 1,600 rpm, jerk-free stirring even at low speeds. SoftStart for reliable catching/centering and safe accelleration of the stirring bar, resistant stainless steel housing for easy and fast cleaning, spill over protection, extremely robust construction.

Hot plate made from resistant aluminum alloy, max. heating temperature +200℃, socket for contact thermometer (accessory), warning-LED in case of hot plate,3 integrated over temperature protection loops against overheating.

3 years warranty on parts and labor,

developed and made in Germany.

(Glassware not included)