The 2mag Concept

Overview of Features

  • Compact, space saving, and ultra flat
  • Chemical, heat, and pressure resistant
  • Designed for chemical, biotechnical, and medical applications of all kinds
  • Developed for hard lab use and uncompromising continuous operation
  • Dust, maintenance, and wear free
  • Long life quality and durable robust construction
  • Low energy consumption and minimal heat emission
  • More stirring power than conventional stirrers
  • No bearings, belts, pull magnets, motors, or other moving parts
  • Self stabilizing and synchronized speeds at all stirring positions

Description of Functions

  • mixWATCH: The mixWATCH function allows stirring bar monitoring with fully automatic trim of the maximum stirring speed for reliable and unattended stirrer operation. In the event of magnetic separation between the stirrer and the stirring bar during acceleration (e.g., caused by a stirring speed that is set too high and/or a change in the viscosities), the stirrer will pause, the stirring bar will be centered, and the stirrer will be started again. The stirring speed that is set will be automatically reduced in 100 rpm steps until a stable stirring speed is achieved. The mixWATCH function ensures reliable stirring, including closed-vessel or unattended overnight applications.
  • QuickSet: The QuickSet function allows quick and convenient setting of the stirring start and maximum stirring speed.
  • QuickStop: The QuickStop function allows quick and immediate stirring stop to prevent after run and glass breakage.
  • SoftStart: The SoftStart function allows reliable catching, centering, and safe acceleration of the stirring bar at different stirring speeds, viscosities, and volumes.

2mag Concept

2mag Stirrers are different than conventional stirrers, unique in design, and superior in function. There are NO erosion-susceptible mechanical moving parts inside, such as bearings, belts, pull magnets, or motors*. Instead, 2mag Stirrers operate on inductive principles. They contain magnetic drives with stationary coils. The stationary coils generate electromagnetic rotating fields, meaning that 2mag Stirrers have ZERO moving parts and ZERO problematic motors. Thus, 2mag Stirrers are more reliable than conventional stirrers and entirely dust, maintenance, and wear free. Remember, even conventional magnetic stirrers have motors that operate the pull magnets and do not compare to 2mag Stirrers. Read on to find out more about 2mag Stirrers!

A Look Inside 2mag Stirrers

The secret is hidden in the drive. Conventional magnetic stirrers use electrical motors spinning permanent magnets, which in turn exert force on magnetic stirring bars within the stirring vessels.  With 2mag Stirrers, electrical motors and permanent magnets are replaced by stationary magnetic coils through which currents flow, producing rotating electromagnetic fields*.  Digital electronic circuits coordinate the currents supplied to the coils, recalculating and controlling currents up to 1000 times per second.  The result is the 2mag Concept, i.e., 2mag Stirrers with no moving parts, no maintenance, no wear, higher precision (even with the smallest volumes), constant speed (even when the viscosity changes), an ultra flat design, and much more.

2mag Configuration = Space Efficiency & Self Stabilizing

A single 2mag stirring point consists of four 2mag drive coils arranged in a square configuration. This configuration means that each 2mag drive coil can be used as a driving element for up to four 2mag stirring points. A network of stirring points can therefore be established with very few drive coils, and almost any arrangement of stirring points can be realized. Since all of the 2mag stirring points operate synchronously, the overall multiple 2mag drive coil configuration is self-stabilizing. Fully synchronized speeds ensure one hundred percent (100.0%) comparability of samples, which is an important innovation that proves very useful in mass screenings.

Direct Controlled

Direct controlled 2mag Stirrers have the control panel that regulates various stirring functions, such as power, speed, etc., located directly on the front of the 2mag Stirrer.  Direct controlled 2mag Stirrers are optimal for applications where the 2mag Stirrer will be operated in the same location than the user.  To provide safe low voltage to direct controlled 2mag Stirrers, a power supply unit is always included.

Remote Controlled

Remote controlled 2mag Stirrers have the control panel that regulates stirring functions, such as power, speed, etc., located remotely from the 2mag Stirrer on a separate control unit, such as a MIXcontrol, MAXcontrol, or FABcontrol.  Remote controlled 2mag Stirrers are optimal for applications where the 2mag Stirrer will be operated in a different location than the user.  Examples of such applications are: stirring with large volumes—where the 2mag Stirrer is located on the ground under the heavy vessel and the control unit is conveniently located on the laboratory bench—and stirring with integrated components—where the 2mag Stirrer is built into analytical devices and the stirring functions are controlled from a central unit.  Most remote controlled 2mag Stirrers are submersible and waterproof, both ideal features for water bath and similar applications in wet environments (note that the control unit is not submersible or waterproof and must be operated outside of the wet environment).


Please note that, due to the unique stirring conditions for which certain 2mag Stirrers are made, 2mag Stirrers that stir over 10 liters of stirring volume (e.g., MIX 1 XL, maxMIX, MAXdrive, FABdrive) and for cell cultures (e.g., bioMIX 1, bioMIXdrive 1, 2, 3, 4, 6) contain motors.