Stirology 101: SoftStart

Q: Why is 2mag SoftStart helpful for my stirring application?

A: 2mag SoftStart is just one of the many safety functions integrated into 2mag stirring systems. It allows reliable catching, centering, and safe acceleration of the stirring bar. The SoftStart function engages automatically at the onset of any stirring program start and any increase in rpm (i.e., any acceleration function). Virtually undetectable to the user, the stirring program will execute a catching and centering of the stirring bar (at start) and then accelerate the stirring bar to the set rpm (at start or increase). SoftStart is beneficial for stirring in any condition, including high speeds, viscous liquids, and large volumes where decoupling between stirring bar and magnetic field is often problematic during acceleration. The result is smooth progression of the stirring bar and more reliable, safer stirrer operation overall.

Happy Stirring!