Stirology 101: Q&A What are the advantages of bar magnets?

Stirring bars have many great advantages…

  1. They are chemically-inert.
  2. Paired with the right stirrer and vessel, they can be very powerful, with the ability to handle industrial volumes or viscous liquids.
  3. Most stirring bars can be sterilized/autoclaved.
  4. They come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and materials, so they are well-suited for a large array of stirring applications and offer infinite combinations.
  5. No matter what type of vessel you want to use, there is likely a compatible stirring bar.
  6. No liquid contamination.
  7. Using a stirring bar with an electromagnetic stirrer that runs on inductive drive concepts yields a very low-voltage, wear-free, and maintenance-free stirring system.
  8. For applications that require it, there are versions cost-efficient enough to be disposable.
  9. They can stir incredibly large or very small volumes.
  10. In addition to being chemically-inert, most are heat-resistant and wear-resistant.
  11. Different shapes, sizes, and materials can have different effects on agitation of liquid, creating limitless possibilities for successful stirring.
  12. Won’t damage your vessel.
  13. Some constructions are specially made to be gentle on cell and tissue cultures.
  14. Other constructions are designed to work with abrasive liquids, heterogeneous compounds, or other harsh media.
  15. They are clean, quiet, and economical.
  16. They are readily available in the marketplace.
  17. Stirring bars can be used with closed/sealed containers.
  18. They require no maintenance and have no moving parts to break.
  19. They are reliable and space-saving.
  20. Stirring bars with rare earth cores are incredibly strong when compared to overall surface area.

…and there are many more advantages to stirring bars!

Happy Stirring!