Stirology 101: It's getting hot, hot, hot...and mixed!

What is a magnetic stirrer hotplate?

  • Magnetic stirrer hotplates and drybaths are used to simultaneously heat and stir liquids.
  • Generally, these heat up to 200°C or so and allow independent adjustment of the rpm and heating temperature.
  • Stirring hotplates can have 1 stirring position or multiple stirring positions (i.e., 5, 8, 10, 15, and more).
  • Combining heating with stirring can accelerate reactions for faster application results.
  • Accurate temperature control and continuous stirring helps to ensure consistent heating and prevent hot spots / burning of the liquid.
  • Types of heating / stirring surfaces can vary.  For example, it might consist of a flat surface (e.g., stirring hotplates) or a recessed surface with bore holes to precisely fit vessels (e.g. stirring dry baths).
  • Don't need to stir, but want to precisely heat or cool?  Our trusted partners have innovative thermal management options, including temperature control in ranges from -100°C to +350°C.
  • Want to cool or heat in combination with shaking?  We have options for that too!

Happy Stirring!