Stirology 101: Extension Cables

Need more distance between your 2mag stirring drive and 2mag control unit? An extension cable is the answer!

2mag stirring drives come equipped with a 2 meter (approximately 6.56 feet) cable that connects to the 2mag control unit. This can be extended by up to 8 meters (approximately 26.24 feet) for a total of 10 meters (approximately 32.80 feet).

Maximizing the distance brings a multitude of benefits and allows users to be more creative with stirring system setups. The optimal location of each component gains positioning independence—the stirring drive can be placed where it is most functional and the control unit can be located where it is convenient to the operator. Possibilities are endless, including cabinet installations and locating in different workspaces, rooms, or levels.

Extension cables are available for all 2mag stirring drives. Extension cables have the same screw socket/plug connectors as the stirring drives to prevent accidental disconnection of the cables.

A custom length extension cable can also be created per your specifications. For custom stirring drives, it is possible to customize the length of the cable to meet your application requirements.

Happy Stirring!